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Sustainability is an inseparable part of the whole process of starting from sketching to implementing the work on site. Using resources judiciously and focusing on the importance of not exploiting nature creates a positive vibe throughout the progress and keeps the happiness intact and relations strong.


Collaborating with clients to arrive at a design output which is precise and is satisfying for both the designer and the client. The main concern is to understand the needs of the client and develop a system which lets us minimize the waste of resources. Involvement of the client during the design process and implementation on site is highly appreciated. Our design process is progressive and is influenced by various factors like location of site, availability of resources, aspiration of the client, time etc.

We believe in learning from the history of India and trying to incorporate the traditional aspects in the design. For us borrowing from the traditions of our own is more practical and applicable than borrowing from a totally different, unrelated, divergent mindset and ideas from elsewhere.


The design process is simple and starts with programming, where we interact with the client to understand the aspiration they bring with them, which is then brought into the office for design development that includes ample discussion, brainstorming, sketching and positive debates. After finalizing the basic structure of the design the construction documents are generated, finally implementing and building the project. The outcomes are earthy, beautiful, functional, sustainable and innovative spaces that are strongly influenced by and inclusive of their surroundings.

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