AREA: 300sqm

PROJECT YEAR: 1995-1996


LOCATION: Verite, Kottakarai , Auroville




CONSULTANTS: RC - Architect  

                    RC - Contractor


Verite multipurpose hall is a project designed and built for verite center for healing in Auroville. The space is used for various activities such as yoga and meditation sessions as well as for dance workshops, seminars etc

         The building is a dodecagon(12 sided polygon) in plan with one opening at the apex of the roof for a small beam of light to pass through. The structure is held in place using piers and a dome roof adorns the crown of the building. The walls are made of brick and the roof is a ferrocement roof held in place by ring beams.

       The hall has one doorway and a number of French window openings providing a strong connection to its surroundings. Louvered ventilation shafts are placed above the windows above which arched openings providing sufficient ambient lighting to the space. The flooring is simple with red oxide finish. The structure was aimed at a low-cost multipurpose space with interesting structure and design. 

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