Area: - 98.5sqm

Year: 2017

Location: International zone, Auroville

Type: Public - Dormitory

The site is located behind African pavilion so the inspitation is taken from the Pyramids, this accomodation for short term guests and volunteers was meant to be a semi permanent structure. The requirement was for a space which could accommodate 15 - 20 volunteers in a collective social setup. 

The plan is hexagonal and the roof is as though 3 sides of the cube are removed and the remaining three surfaces are places on 3 supports (RCC columns) forming a pyramid shape. A small entrance roof to accomodate the entry then leads to the open space with four large windows and a mezzanine floor with a central cutout and a ladder leading to it.

Structurally the metal frame for the main structure rest on 3 columns and insulated panels will be used for roofing. Its an open plan for fluid functions, it can be used as space for social gatherings, meeting etc.

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Raman Construction, Center Field, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India - 605101

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