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Area: 1490 sqm

Year: 2018

Location: Solitude Farm, Auroville

Type: Public - Sports facility



The project proposal was brought to us by Solitude farm, Auroville.  Solitude farm is an organic farm producing vegetables fruits and other dietery products, the requirement was to design a  storage space where the raw and finished goods can be stored. We came up with this design keeping the traditional Tamil architecture in mind which was also requested by the client.


The entrance verandah called thennai in local language with refurbished antique wooden columns mud blocks for wall and refurbished traditional clay tile roofing helped in creating that vernacular aeshetics. The plan is simple with working slabs on two sides, washing area on one side and a semicircular cantilivered seating. Enough cold and dry storage is provided for seeds, vegetables etc.

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