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AREA: 144sqm


PROJECT YEAR: 1995-1996


LOCATION:  Kuilapalayam, Auroville






Robert house is a simple 2 bedroom, hall and kitchen low cost residence. The plan is simple with the semi covered verandah leading to a hall with open kitchen, dining and study spaces. There is a guest bedroom and a master bedroom with a shared toilet.


It is a RCC framed structure with brick walls. The entrance doorway is an old teak wood door sourced from an antique furniture store. The entrance stairs were made using RCC rings which were cut in half creating the ideal height for a stair and characteristically placed to create an interesting entry into the building.


The bedroom has narrow slit windows providing more privacy but ample light and ventilation. There are skylights throughout the house, these skylights provide better lighting to each space saving on energy for lighting and heating in winters. The elevation is treated by simple adding grooved at sil and lintel levels and with a play of white and terracotta color

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