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Area: 1600 sqm

Year: 2018

Location: Tamil Nadu

Type: Competition

In India it is believed that education starts even before a child is born and learning begins in the womb itself. Community has always played an important role in the upbringing of a child, by acting as the first exposure to a child and shaping them in numerous ways. 5-11 years is also the age where the brain is most receptive, and educable. Old School aims to integrate indigenous methods of integral education of this region, with the contemporary education in the schools today, so that the strong and diverse cultural, social and traditional heritage is not lost and the upcoming generations are deeply rooted with their history, while being ready for the challenges of the modern world and, higher education.  

The site chosen is located in the outskirts of Vilvanatham village in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. It has a rich tradition of handicrafts and the use of natural materials for building. The nearest school being 27kms away from the village leaves maximum young children uneducated and settling for low-paying jobs in the city. Our site is surrounded by paddy fields and tamarind forests and the primary source of income for the local population is agriculture. Despite this fact the lack of agricultural infrastructure results in inadequate yield for the farmers to sustain. We believe that nature is the best playgroud for learning; offering invaluable life skills that prepare children for the future.       

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