AREA: 75sqm


                                          PROJECT YEAR: 2015-2016


                    LOCATION: Serenity beach, Tamil Nadu


                           PROJECT TYPE: Residential-private



The building was constructed with interesting attention to details and materials. The compound wall has louver openings providing privacy to the open space inside as well as sufficient light.A simple but classic entrance to the compound, a wooden double door framed with stone lintels and columns adding unique character to the brick compound wall. The entrance veranda has a concrete covering with plenty of open space to place furniture. The entrance to the building is through an archway, metal doors for safety.

                   A smaller veranda space just before the first house. A wooden double door similar to the main entrance adorning the room On the ground floor. A narrow staircase with jail openings on the walls for light takes us to the second floor. Mud flooring finishes the flooring of the house giving a vibrant feel to the space. The main doorway compliments the flooring. The living room has a niche in the wall turning it into a showcase, cuddappa stone used for the partitions.

                                A small common kitchen below the staircase has a very innovative slit In the ceiling providing light to the space. Two openings one small for decoration purpose and one for light. An element left raw is the lintel over the window made of stone adding a touch a texture to the walls elevation. The bedroom proportionate to the living room is divided by arch openings a simple division of the space by providing a raised platform for the mattress. The archways one acting as an entrance to the bedroom and the other as an opening from the bed to the sitting area. The washroom is provided next to the living room a familiar entrance to the washroom with the exposed stone lintel.


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