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 AREA: 72sqm




 LOCATION: Center field, Auroville



The space opens into a site covered by greenery on all sides, a tree creating a diversion in the pathway one leading to a workshop and the other towards the residence and the office. The office is a simple structure made of concrete with mud plastering and meshed windows consisting of wooden frames, a doorway made of steel and meshed openings, this adds to the simple but effective ventilation and lighting to the office space. The windows are protected by the slab coming out and sloping providing rain protection to space inside.

The top floor consists of a drawing table, a cupboard, and a few pieces of furniture. The roofing is an open gable roof, using traditional Mangalore tiles. No walls on the top floor. The office space a square supported by 4 columns open on three sides covered only by wooden frames with steel meshes, a niche in the back wall provides a showcase, tiled floor, two doors on the adjacent walls leading to the green spaces next to the office. A quaint space, very connected to the greenery around.

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