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3 X 3 - Experiment

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Considering the need for accommodation for volunteers in Auroville we thought of designing a portable module which is sufficient to accommodate one person. It had to be cost-effective and low maintenance. We had a few fiberglass modules in spare and as it is a lightweight structure we decided to build around this 3 x 3 - meters interesting sculpture.

The materials selection was dependent on the main idea of the structure being mobile, temporary and inexpensive so that it can be erected and dismantled with ease, therefore metal frame with panel board walls, aluminum frame windows, for flooring we chose waterproof plywood, and fiberglass for roofing.

One module would have a 9 sqm room and a deck of the same size connected to it for various activities, this whole space will be raised 75 cms from the ground.


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