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Area: sqm

Year: 2018

Location: Mars

Type: Competition/Experiment


Enrolling in this competition turned out to be an interesting challenge for all of us. The design development was a creative and innovative process in which everyone had diverse ideas. The fun part was to merge all the practical concepts to come up with a design. This design challenge was taken up to keep the stimulate the brain cells and have some fun fantasizing in the process of designing this experimental project on a different planet. It started as a tea break discussion but slowly became a serious project which was not the intent. We tried to mix functionality, spirituality, beauty and a little bit of humor. Due to time constraints and a lot of people working on different small parts of this project introduced a kind of chaos was fun in its own way.   

It was a great learning process for all the team members in various ways. From finding sense in bizzare ideas to coordinating informally between a big team of interns and architects.

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