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PROJECT YEAR: 1995-1996


LOCATION: Madurai, Tamil Nadu


PROJECT TYPE: Residential(private)




Madurai house was constructed as a farmhouse space. The design of the curved walls was an inspiration from Roger Anger's designs in auromodel which the client was impressed with. The curved walls made of mud give a good insulation to the spaces inside and keep them cool.the curved walls also give a more organic form to the building blending it with the ground.


The planning of the building was also inspired form Roger Anger's way of design and planning. The entrance veranda takes us to the main living space, directly in front is a grand spiral staircase.Two bedrooms with attached washrooms adjacent to each other. Adjacent to the main entrance is the dining room which leads to the kitchen.There is a veranda space at the back of the building and a seating space on the terrace. 

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