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AREA: 120sqm.


PROJECT YEAR: 1994-1995


LOCATION: Aurodam community, Auroville


PROJECT TYPE: Residential




 A residential project, executed in brick. Double storied house with a refreshing approach to involve many aspects of building design.A brick construction with an aesthetically oriented construction to break the monotony of the structure. The brickwork has an elegant pattern unfolding with nonchalant granite rocks placed in a random fashion. The entrance is that of a traditional Indian house with an emphasis on stairs and an entrance with ornamented columns supporting a small roof. This entrance provides a good porch space as well as a ceremonial entrance to the house.

                      Kollam deck is provided at the entrance as an encouragement to let the tradition of drawing Kollam’s (a creative artwork done at entrances of homes in south India) stay on. The arrangement of spaces goes in a manner of providing a guest room, kitchen, utility and toilet on the lower floor and the more private spaces like master bedroom on the first floor.

The circular cutouts in the brickwork is a characteristic opening in the building placed according to the prevailing wind direction for ventilation and providing an interesting element to the space that captures the view of the surroundings.

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