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Option 1 : The Stupa

Built up Area - 69.5 + 17 Sqm.
Roof Area -  70 + 18 Sqm. 
Total Area - 590 Sqm.

This design evolved with the concept of the Stupa.

One main reason was to break the stereotypical construction and create something unique.

To create a classical earthy build form using CSEB bricks for the semi domes and bamboo for the flat roof with a OTS deck above for multi purpose uses.

Pros : 1.Innovative design use of natural material.

          2. Spiritual significance

Cons : Breaking the standards


Option 2 : The Bow

Built up area - 69 + 37 Sqm
Roof area -  100 + 44 Sqm 
Total area - 585 Sqm

The roof structure is actually a form evolved from the Kyodo bow, if re arranged the roof frame will form a kyodo bow.

Bamboo is used to make the kyodo bow which inspired us to you use the same material for the roof frame, the break in the middle of the bow and rearranging it brings in light through the clearstory

1. Can be a lockable space.

2. Kydo bow shape used in roof - following the standards with unique bamboo roof design.


Cons : 1. Labour Intensive

Pros :

Option 3 : The Flat Roof

Built up area - 70 + 38.5 Sqm
Roof area -  114 + 78 Sqm
Total area - 630 Sqm

Simple standard kyodo plan with almost flat roof using bamboo trusses and bamboo roof with poured mud walls, the elevations of target area and the main hall are mirror images.


The roof for the main hall is divided into 2 parts, the main practice area has a higher roof and the store room and observation area.    

Pros : 1. Simple Design ( Flat Roof)

          2. Ease of Execution

Cons : Non- Innovative


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