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AREA: 3000sqm


PROJECT YEAR:2014-2015


LOCATION: Irumbai, Tamil Nadu





 Irumbai multipurpose hall was built in the bio-region next to Auroville. The site is located just off the Chennai-Pondicherry highway. The entrance is like that similar to a school’s, colorful and simple. The compound wall is made of exposed brick maisonary and uses stone lintels.


The site consists of two structures a hall and a toilet. R.C.C framework and brick is used for the construction ofthe MPH, finished with mud plastering in a few areas and exposed brick for the rest. A very clean and interesting combination that brings a simple concept to the fore, of rising the building from the ground and not separated from it.


The hall is supported by six round columns. Openings on both sides with ventilator openings on top. The flooring is a clean tile flooring very appreciated by the local crowd.

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