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Area: 200 sqm

Year: 2018

Location: New Creation, Auroville

Type: Public - Dormitory

We constructed a roofing structure for the existing AVSRC building and are constructing a dormitory and a house for a vlounteer. This project is a part of the 50th Anniversary of Auroville celebration. The structure is designed in a way that it compliments the Indoor stadium structure right in front of it and can be functionally used by audience to enjoy the basketball games with a great open view of the court, As a dormatory it is airy and due to the height of the structure the interiors are well lit and ventilated.

The Roof is a steel structure with curved trusses laid down all along the longitude of the building. The roof is steel corrugated sheets. The roofing goes up to 4.5 m from the terrace of the existing building. 

The space frame created is the one giving form to the structure. The curved roof helps in terms of strong wind and rain and looks like a mordenistic addition to the existing building. A gutter for rainwater harvesting is also provided to direct the rainwater to the waterbody nearby.

View from the basketball court
Curve of the roof
Scale with human figure
Dormitory Roof
Roof Truss
Roofing sheet
Dormitory Roof
Joinery Detail
Dormitory Roof
Steel structure
Joinery Detail
Structural element
Roof Structure
Roof Structure
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