Area:  50 sqm

Year: 2018

Location:  Reve, Auroville

Type: Public - Extension to the cafe

We got a project to construct an extension for the Aurovelo cafe on Auroville main road. The requirements included a kitchen space, toilet facilities, recreational space and a storage space.

We worked to achieve low-cost construction, with an element of clean aesthetics. 


A brick construction with a rough mud plaster finish to the walls and a red oxide finish to the flooring. A clean blue tiling work and a blue paint finish to the toilets works well with the black tiling of the flooring.


A simple design working towards the harmony of materials. The roofing a steel roofing sheet with round steel pipes as supports. The roofing has one characteristic skylight created using fiber sheet brings a good lighting to the space in the day time avoiding the usage of artificial light and keeping the toilets dry. 

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Raman Construction, Center Field, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India - 605101

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