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Area: - 95 sqm

Year: 2017

Location: New creation, Auroville

Type: Public - Sports facility

Consultants: Lavinsree - Structural engineer

We were commissioned to design a toilet block for the sports ground in New creation, the requirements were two separate facilities or girls and boys with WC's, showers, lockers etc.The site is located next to the administrative building and the basketball court. Considering the privacy and security entrances for the male and female toilets were placed opposite and the female toilet was placed along the high boundary wall. 


The plan comprises of 3 WC's (1 for handicapped), 3 showers, washbasins, changing space and lockers each for both male and female. A ventilator runs along the periphery of the toilet for sufficient ventilation and light. Materials used are exposed concrete for structure and cieling, exposed brickwork for enclosures ciramic tiles for flooring.

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