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AVES - AV Electrical Service


Area: - 400 sqm

Year: 2015-2016

Location: AV Main road, Tamil Nadu

Type: Construction , Public

Consultants: RC - Contractor

                AVDesign - Architect

Auroville electrical service office designed by Auroville design consultants was constructed by Raman Construction , The campus consists of the main building block, staff quarters, dining area, parking, and storage sheds. The construction materials used are Rammed earth and achikal bricks for walls, RCC structural system, aluminum sheet roof with plywood insulation and natural Kota stone flooring.

The main building has two floors with a courtyard separating two rectangular administrative blocks. Using majorly natural construction material for construction gives the building an earthy look and it seems to emerge from the ground complementing the surroundings beautifully.

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