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AREA: 50sqm



LOCATION: Reve, Auroville


PROJECT TYPE: Public - Extension  


The requirement was to construct an extension for the Aurovelo cafe to support the camping grounds for passing by atheletes on Auroville main road. The requirements included a kitchen space, toilet facilities, recreational space and a store room.We worked to achieve low-cost construction, with an element of clean aesthetics. 


Brick construction with a rough mud plaster finish to the walls and a red oxide finish for the flooring. A clean blue tiling work and a blue paint finish to the toilets works well with the black tiling on the floor.


A simple design working towards the harmony of materials. Corrugated metal sheet is used for roofing sitting on metal frames. The roofing has one characteristic skylight created using fiber sheet bringing in good light to the space in the day time avoiding the usage of artificial light and keeping the toilets dry.

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