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AREA: 1500sqm


PROJECT YEAR: 1993-1995


LOCATION: Auroshilpam, industrial zone, Auroville


PROJECT TYPE: Industrial 



 Built for the purpose of hosting a garment factory for the community of Auroville, now is being used for retail shops and other commercial activities. Vaulted roofs running through the whole structure provides continuity to the building. The whole structure draws attention to the projecting walls and slabs supporting the vaults creating niche spaces on the outside serving as shading devices. 

An open staircase takes you to the terrace. Materials used are RCC frame for structure with 9" brick wall enclosures, the design of the space is also characteristic of the governing buildings of Auroville. The interiors have two wings one for the manufacturing process and the other for finishing. The central space dedicated to management, the space is elevated by 1.2M to provide a good supervision view of the management of the factory.

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