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Area: 105 sqm

Year: 2019

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Type: Private residence 

This project is located in Coibmatore, a residence for a small family of four. The plan follows basic vastu.

 Ground floor has a master bedroom with a semi open kitchen opening to a hall with dining and living area. The first floor has one master bedroom and on guest bedroom opening into a terrace, There are two cutouts one for the staircase and another for the living room double height and the bedrooms are connected through a bridge.

The northern fascade has a big double height opening which opens into a outdoor living deck extending to a private garden, this opening brings in light and ventilation for the whole house. Once the collapsible shutters are open the living room doubles in size. Materials used are cavity brick wall, filler roof slab terracotta tile fascade and terracotta flooring

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