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international zone, AUROVILLE





                                                          AREA: 98.5 sqm.


                                                                   YEAR: 2017


                  LOCATION: International zone, Auroville


                           PROJECT TYPE:   Public(Dormitory)



 There was a need for a temporary structure to accommodate volunteers coming to Auroville in the international zone, we came up with this pyramid roof structure which is inspired from the first settlement huts at aspiration designed by Piero. The requirement was for a space which could accommodate 15 - 20 volunteers in a collective social space. 

The plan is polygonal with an entrance on one side and big triangular openings on three sides. Considering the height of the structure, there was enough space to create a loft at the center. This metal structure suspended from the pyramid roof structure on four support columns would serve as a recreational space or reading etc and can also be used for accommodating more volunteers when needed.  

Structurally the metal frame for the main structure will rest on 3 footings and insulated panels will be used for roofing. Its an open plan for fluid functions, it can be used as space or social gatherings, meeting etc.

Under construction
Mezzanine frame
Civil work
Complete roof
Sheet fixing
Ready for sheet fixing
Metal structure
Main skeleton
Outer frame
Support structure
Support for the roof
Preperation for flooring
panorama with columns
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